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  • How much does integriBOX cost?
    integriBOX is inexpensive A one-time payment is required for individual configuration and deployment We charge a monthly fee for ongoing secure operation, hosting and encryption, the amount of which depends on the number of employees Request your individual offer, preferably by email to
  • I want a clean solution in terms of compliance rules without additional operational effort.
    integriBOX is simple, secure and anonymous integriBOX saves all data encrypted in accordance with data protection regulations on a high-security server in the European Union integriBOX ensures that the portal is permanently available and accessible Our cooperation partners will support you with case processing on request
  • Our workforce is international - we need a system that is multilingual.
    integriBOX is multilingual The whistleblower chooses one of the languages offered The case worker can read and edit the notes in their own language
  • Does the whistleblower system bring anything at all?
    The whistleblowing system integriBOX helps you to avert damage to your reputation The risk of misconduct becoming public is significantly reduced Early detection of misconduct avoids economic damage Competitive advantage through proof of an established whistleblower system
  • I need a working compliance reporting process.
    integriBOX is easy to use and meets the highest security standards integriBOX consists ofo an integrated reporting portal (e.g. website or company intranet)o a case worker portal, in which a case worker to be appointed will receive the information
  • We don't have a legal department and we don't know anything about compliance.
    The incoming information must be legally assessed If you do not have such expertise, integriBOX can recommend its experienced cooperation partner ( integriBOX monitors statutory deadlines for responding to reports
  • Is integriBOX barrier-free?
    Yes, integriBOX is completely barrier-free. The reporting portal can be customized in many ways by the user and can also be used comfortably by people with visual impairments. This means you can already meet future legal requirements today.
  • Not more bureaucracy again!
    Employers with 50 or more employees are obliged according to HinSchG to set up an internal reporting office integriBOX sets up the internal reporting office for you via a digital, anonymous whistleblower system and relieves you of the additional bureaucratic work This is how you ensure that legal violations are uncovered and that economic and reputational damage is avoided
  • I need a solution that is implemented quickly.
    integriBOX is a web-based application and can be used in a very short time integriBOX sends you an Internet address that you can link to on your website or intranet All access to the reporting and caseworker portal is encrypted via the Internet No investment in your IT infrastructure is required You do not need any computer capacity
  • I need a whistleblower system that employees trust.
    integriBOX removes inhibitions through the possibility of an absolutely anonymous and trusting contact integriBOX ensures that the whistleblower's identity remains 100% protected at all times Employees do not have to fear any disadvantages and are protected from reprisals
  • What are the advantages of working with lawyers?
    Lawyers are bound to a special confidentiality Specialists are an advantage for assessing the information regarding criminal law, civil law, labor law or internal compliance relevance The cooperation partner of integriBOX has specialized lawyers who have the necessary professional expertise for qualified client processing
  • Our whistleblower system should meet the legal requirements!
    integriBOX meets all requirements the EU Whistleblower Directive 2019/1937 of the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) regarding the required reporting system integriBOX monitors statutory deadlines for responding to reports
  • Does integriBOX also take care of case processing?
    integriBOX is a purely technical service In accordance with the Legal Services Act, integriBOX is not permitted to accept or examine information and, in particular, not to evaluate it legally The notes and data can only be viewed by the case worker you have commissioned

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